Crossing Frontiers


Sean Dissington || November 25th

Local artist collaboration Sherlock & Freeman are working with community groups in and around Newcastle Under Lyme to create two interactive light sculptures for Midwinter Wakes. Crossing Frontiers has been created in part with skills learned and tools made available at Hanley-based Wavermaker Stoke. Starting on Saturday 3 December, this tandem installation will be live during the twilight and dusk hours of the days leading up to the Community Lantern Parade on Saturday 10 December. Connecting to this year's Lantern Parade theme of FLIGHT, this new artwork is based on virtual birds, whose flocking will be visible as patterns of light in a pair of overhead structures – one in Newcastle town centre, the other in Hartshill. At each location the simulated birds will react to the motion of people going past.

Samuel Freeman is a Yorkshire-born programmer and music technologist who has lived in Stoke-on-Trent for the last four years. Using his skills as a programmer he is using an Arduino platform with IP connectivity to allow his custom written code to co-ordinate lighting patterns over the two installations and to allow them to interact in context with each-other and the surrounding environment.

Oliver Sherlock is a Stoke-on-Trent designer and artist who explores community through art. He is involved in a variety of community projects, such as Potters’ Soup, B-Arts and Pilgrims Pit.

potters soup.jpg