Panic Pins Exhibition


Lee Barber || November 25th

Today marks the launch of the first exhibition from artist and designer Mike Holdcroft, who braves his first show on the back of discovering his anxiety disorder earlier in the year. Mike, who found he was always setting himself up to fail with his extreme perfectionist tendencies, is now channeling his creativeness by presenting his first ever solo exhibition, Panic Pins.

The show will involve a range of specially designed pins, none of which will be perfect, but each one being unique, displaying a realness that lingers in us all. Mike's idea aim behind the concept is to encourage people to face mental health head on, and talk about it freely instead of caging ourselves up.

The exhibition opens this evening at 7pm at the OneOneSix Gallery in Stoke, and will be on until Sunday 2nd December, with the limited edition collection of Panic Pins all designed and created by Mike Holdcroft himself.

panic pins.png