On Trading Love, and what will become of us

Sean Dissington || January 22nd

Nothing but love gives the world some meaning,

Nothing but love is the drug of Healing.
What is love?  What does it mean? What does it mean to feel love? Is the love that you feel for a person different the love that you feel for an object, or a place? Love has inspired humans for millennia - but is it more than the interaction of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine?  
Trading Love is an art / theatre / performance / improv event that’s happening in the Tonitine Building in Hanley on the 28th of this month. It’s about love, in all its forms. It’s about when you first have butterflies in your stomach, it’s about the moment when you press the shutter button of your favourite camera, it’s about the door slam of the last screaming row.  
But if your view is of golden valleys,

But the sense of regret paralyzes, 

Then you’ll never know how it feels,
And if you never challenge what you see, 

Then the beacons of light will stop flashing,

And you’ll never know how it feels
To have hope,

To have hope,

To have hope

To have hope
Trading Love features performances that are bound to amaze - with music from some of the most respected local musicians, photography from Dan Wiggins, spoken word from Average Joe, MURDOK as The Man Who Woke Up and countless more.  
Love begets love.  
Siobhan McAleer has a lot of love, for people, for art, and community - and from her mind has come an artistic exploration of love and what it means. Inspired by the EP name of Blackwater Trading Company, and working closely with Ryan Ball and Rich Brown she has curated a day which will bring some of the most talented people in the city together to explore their thoughts, their experiences and hopes of love. Ryan and Rich will be managing the day supporting Siobhan in the huge task of coordinating the logistics of the event which lasts for twelve hours and occupies two floors of the Tontine Building.
Siobhan’s approach to Trading Love has itself been a work of love, from the call for artists, to the collaboration with local artists and the maker-space WaveMaker. Tears have fallen over it, laughter has rained in meetings, emotions have not been in short supply.
Trading Love is indeed what love looks like. When it happens on the 28th expect emotion, expect music, expect cocktails, expect poetry, expect to laugh - and most likely to cry.  
Trading Love has been made with love, from the work to secure the venue to a determination that artists receive payment (something that is shockingly rare). Whilst there is an acceptance that skilled professionals should receive payment for their work, many people assume that artists don’t require or deserve payment for what they do. Whilst artists (in the widest sense of the word) do what they do for the love of it, that doesn’t help them make the rent. If you buy a ticket from an artist then they will keep the money, so if you know any of the artists listed in the flyer then try them first for a ticket before you go to see tickets.  
This is the story of the angel

Who played poker with the devil

In the Garden of Eden

Before it all went pear shaped
They said

"I'll see your heart and I'll raise you mine"

Trading Love will be beautiful, authentic and fun. And it will be even better with you.  
See you there. 

Tickets are available to purchase at: http://www.seetickets.com/event/trading-love-one-day-arts-and-culture-festival-/tontine-building/1055461

Song lyric excerpts are taken from:
James, Nothing but Love Barbarossa, S.H.IF.F.Y Bell X1, I’ll see your heart and I’ll raise you mine