September 29th || Ben Nixon

Myself and fellow member of Psyence, Jamie Cartlidge, begin our journey driving through the deep Welsh valleys in search of Portmeirion, a famous model village situated on the western coast line. The journey itself was a smooth process and quite enjoyable drifting through country roads. However as soon as we landed with it being nightfall, we managed to drive 18 miles going around in circles trying to find the site where we could collect our artist wristbands. Eventually we found the place and within no time, we caught the last shuttle bus and headed to the site where we were greeted by a familiar festival atmosphere.


We arrived on the Saturday so the festival was already in full swing and everyone was having a blast. The whole camping and arena sites were in a shitty state of chaos, with the weather not holding out the grasslands were converted into a bog and to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way. For me, being covered from head to toe in shit and various unidentified chemicals only adds to the experience. We managed to catch the very last bit of Bloc Party and the set from The Blinders which was sounding big and the party continued until the a.m with plenty to occupy your mind on. First impressions passed the test, it was exactly what I needed.

In the morning, after a sludgy battle to the Tim Peakes stage and finding out that we were unable to perform due to weather conditions and change arounds, we decided to go and visit the second half of the festival. The whole site is split into main parts. The arena being the first and woodlands & village being the second. For those who are unsure why the festival has its name, here is a bit of No.6 Trivia. The model village of Portmeirion was used as a set for the late 1960's series 'The Prisoner' which was about an agent who was transported by an unknown entity to this isolated village supposedly to gain information from him, that had weird balloons capturing anyone who tried to escape. The agent was given a number, No.6 to be precise.


Through the woodland section there was various stages and activities happening simultaneously, plenty enough to fill out the empty space some festivals fail to fill. The village had its own surprises with a wide range of performing arts on offer. Having watched several bands throughout the day, we waded through to see the grande finale, The Flaming Lips. I have seen their performance before and this one only raised expectations. From giant inflatables balls being hurtled into the crowd to a giant inflatable alien looking thing, these guys know how to put on a show and know how to engage the crowd with every split second that you can experience. Epic. To anyone who has never been to No.6 I would highly recommend to get a ticket for next year. The whole vibe was chilled out and family friendly, so anyone of any age can enjoy it's fruits. Its diversity in entertainment is unique, where else could you go to get smashed listening to bands and then go and trip out to opera? Festival No.6, that's where.