Comic Con 2017


Last night's Comic Con in San Diego revealed some massive hits for the next year. When it comes to geeking up on what TV series and films are going to be a must on your 'to watch' list, San Diego Comic Con is the place to be. And last night's event proved why in many ways.

One of the biggies goes to the trailer for Stranger Things Season 2, which was so new that even the cast of the 80's supernatural show hadn't seen it themselves. After smashing into everyone's living rooms with the young and spritely team giving us chills of nostalgia in a way films like Stand By Me do, the first series of Stranger Things blew us all away with a thrilling story and incredible 80's coolness. And as well as introducing several new characters into the mix in the new trailer, do we get a glimpse of Eleven's return?

Set in a dystopian future where the only place unexplored is your own VR world, Ready Player One is set to be a big-hitter for 2018 from the master himself, Steven Spielberg, and is an adaptation of Ernest Cline's novel of the same name, and it seems the author's book has been made into a blockbuster. Wade Owen-Watts, played by Tye Sheridan, stars as the lead character of this sci-fi film.

Marvel smashed out some biggies, with Thor: Ragnarok and The DefendersThe Defenders will land on Netflix and will feature sci-fi legend Sigourney Weaver as the villain.

Thor: Ragnarok has sees a big name for the villain, with Cate Blanchett having to put up with the dread of Loki's bants.

Set roughly ten years before the events of the original Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery explores the cold war. Without a doubt Star Trek: Discovery will be one of the big series and is set to land in September 2017. 

And don't worry guys, Ben Affleck has confirmed he ain't going anywhere...