Suicide Squad

'Don’t forget, we're the bad guys!' 

Rob Williams || August 7th

Well after waiting for over 18 months the day has finally come to watch the bad guys take centre stage and become the Suicide Squad! And what did I think of the flick? I enjoyed it. A lot. 

Now that can be taken in two ways. Let's be clear I have been a DC comic book reader and movie watcher since I can remember and have great affection and expectationswhen it comes to seeing these characters come to the big screen (don't worry, I like marvel too) and the DC extended universe hasn’t gotten off to the best start… and for me to say I enjoyed it instead of LOVED IT! FAN BOY FREAK OUT STYLE! Is a little disappointing so lets looks at the whys…

(spoiler free!) 

The film starts with an introduction to key membersof the squad through flashbacks, as well as the introduction of Amanda Waller (played excellently by Viola Davis) who implements the plan to bring together Task Force X.  Safe to say the opening 20 minutes are great, it looks like pop art come to life, as well as a kick ass soundtrack (I will be buying it)

However, the issues come in when the action starts. It is evident that due to the sombre tone and the critical response of Batman V Superman the movie was edited just before release, and it shows. At times, the main agenda of the squad becomes unclear, and certain actions taken by the main cast seem completely out of place. 

One of the main draws to this movie is the cast and they are all on top form. Will Smith will always been seen as Will Smith no matter what the movie, and that's a shame. However with this movie it doesn’t suffer for it. Smith brings depth to a character, that due to his premise of being a hired gun, could have easily fallen flat, thankfully it didn’t.  Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is great, not the show stealer I thought she might be, but still a good solid comedic performance. Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flag is a little bland,

Tom Hardy was originally set to play the part and when watching the movie I couldn’t help to think of how he would have played him. Dare I say even Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerangwas entertaining. They all were in fact. However, I have to talk about the Joker. Jared Leto plays him well, but the performance is little more then a cameo, and I mean little. In recent interviews the actor has stressed that a lot of this performance was cut from the movie. From what I saw he looks to have taken the Joker in a new and fresh way, and I did like it, but I feel I need more to be sold. Here's hoping for a Batman, Joker smack down in Ben Affleck's own The Batman movie in 2018. 

Final Verdict? In a disappointing summer of blockbusters, Suicide Squad goes for it, and in the most part lands it. It has fresh visuals, an amazing soundtrack and great performances from the cast. I would recommend this 100% (just don’t go to the toilet - you may miss a cameo or two).