Newcastle Pub Sets A Standard

The Lymestone Vaults Provides Perfect Retreat

REBEL Editorial || August 2nd

After a hectic morning at Apedale Community Country Park for the Dogs Unite charity walk with Newcastle based dog shop Hounds, we returned to Newcastle town with tired dogs, a thirst, and empty stomachs, We knew exactly where to go.

The dog friendly Lymestone Vaults in Newcastle Under Lyme is the perfect location for a relaxing pint after a sunny Sunday morning walk, and the staff are very proud to be dog friendly, going out of their way to make a fuss of any dog taken into the pub and also providing a bowl of cold water without question.

The staff are actively passionate about their work, and this is shown with the standard of customer service. The barman was very knowledgeable on both food and drink products, and when he wasn't too sure about whether they had the vegetarian Cumberland sausage in stock, he was quick to go and find out. It has to be noted that while the barman was checking on this, another barman, who was enjoying his day off by supping a quiet pint at the bar, came back from the toilet to see me standing seemingly unserved at the bar, and was quick to jump around the bear and offer his services. I was happy to report that of course his friendly services were not required, and was even more than happy to let this passionate barman get back to his pint.

The Lymestone Vaults boasts a friendly, traditional pub atmosphere, warm and cozy whilst not being pedantic. Little touches make the pub a joy to sit in and soak up everything around you; the old piano in the corner, sofa's and chairs to lounge in, cleverly crafted candle holders made out of empty beer bottles. The beer garden can almost be classed as an actual garden, too, with wonderful flowers, plants and bushes dotted around the area. And of course not to forget Lymestone Brewery's own collection, which always goes down a treat. Something else The Lymestone Vaults should certainly be boasting about is their prices. Three great meals - obviously the vegetarian Cumberland sausage and mash, along with the Lymestone Ploughman's pickle platter, and home-made mozzarella stuffed beef & pork meatballs baguette (yes, it's a bit of a mouth-full to order but I can confirm it is more than worth it) - all for just £15. And all were good sized meals, too, adding to the value along with excellent presentation.