REBEL Has Night Terrors

'Find the girl. Survive. 

Nowhere is safe. 

And I still hear her screams.'

Lee Barber || September 10th

Most guys from Stoke-on-Trent would never be able to say anything along the lines of 'yeah my first job was finding money for James Franco who was looking to turn a book into a film.' But then Sean Evans isn't like most guys in Stoke-on-Trent.

After quitting his 9-5 job in Newcastle, he took a huge risk and became a movie blogger, a risk which has since seen him venture to the states on more than one occasion. You could say the risk has paid off. Back To The Movies, Sean's highly popular movie blog, has seen him work with hundreds of stars, and when Sean went into marketing, working with James Franco is certainly a decent start.

But while Sean was living the highlife in America working on various horror film projects, Novum Analytics were hard at work in January 2015; hard at work trying to raise money to kick start their brand new project, the technologically groundbreaking gaming app Night Terrors.

After an initial unsuccessful kickstarter campaign, Vegas based developers Bryan Mitchell & Bryce Katz found Sean through his work on film projects such as Fear Clinic, and within a month of Sean marketing a new campaign, Novum Analytics had raised more than their target. Night Terrors had taken a huge step forward, including the press going so crazy for the game plans that it even made it into Playboy. (Before it got rid of all the nudity which, as Sean puts it, is 'the dream right there.'

Since the concept idea for Night Terrors was so outrageously advanced, Mitchell & Katz actually had to wait until the technology was available to them, as Sean explained to REBEL,

'This was something that hadn't been done before. Night Terrors was actually announced before Pokemon GO. Through Pokemon GO, everything blew up - everyone started thinking about what would be next, and obviously we were already there waiting. People began searching augmented reality on Google, and the only two things that would come up were Pokemon GO and Night Terrors.'

Sean enjoys al the backstage passes, but is devoted to his home town

Sean enjoys al the backstage passes, but is devoted to his home town

'But Night Terrors is a completely different experience (to Pokemon GO). The game maps out your environment. Everyone was saying how the government are involved, but come on, I can just go on Facebook and find out information about people - you're safe with this game! It just scans your environment and puts these supernatural beings in your house as though they are actually in there, and you use audio technology to enhance the experience; say you've just come out of your bathroom, and you hear a noise coming from the bathroom behind you - a ghost will be stood in the bath waiting for you.'

To prove just how ahead of the times Night Terrors is, below is a trailer from February 2015, seven months before Pokemon GO was even announced.

As if I wasn't curious enough about the gaming app which will bring supernatural beings into my house, there is realistic sound effects too? We had met at Tsp. in Hanley, and it was at this point that I almost spat out my latte in shock. How do you make the sounds sound like they're coming from another room? It's coming from your phone, surely you can't do that?

'You listen to a song and it's panned directly to you through the headphones, but with technology we use, we are able to place any sound on 360 spectrum and you will hewer from that direction. So if we place a sound that's behind you, you actually hear it from behind, not simply from your phone.'


This disclaimer is actually the bi-product of Sean scaring himself and tripping whilst demoing the game

This disclaimer is actually the bi-product of Sean scaring himself and tripping whilst demoing the game

Night Terrors sounds like the perfect game, years ahead of anything we've so far encountered on our mobile phones, but this is a game, will there be levels and check points and secret weapons? Turns out, no. It's much more realistic than that.

'It's more of an experience.' Sean tells me, who is working on the project as the marketing official, the third rung of the tripod that is the extremely small team of three. 'Haunted houses are a big thing in America, and we wanted to bring that sort of experience into people's homes. It has to be played indoors in the dark, but that's the kind of feel we're going for. In the full game there will be a story line; there is a little girl trapped in your house who keeps calling for you, but she's been held by supernatural forces who are trying to prevent you from finding her. During the game, your phone will be manipulated; you'll get fake calls and texts. It's all an illusion though. The game will pick at random a contact from your phone book and send you a text. The text will be something relating to where you are in your house, or it could say your friend is in trouble. All of a sudden the phone will ring and you're on the other end getting tortured.'

This all sounds a little too realistic... We need to play this game.

Sean tells me they will definitely be getting the demo of Night Terrors out by Hallowe'en (of course), and with over 50 million online promo views, I'm keen to find out how a grounded lad from Kidsgrove feels about being part of such a breakthrough app.

'To be approached by two guys who simply had an idea, and then to be part of that from the bottom right to now where people are already going absolutely crazy for it, it's exciting to see. Hectic, but exciting.'

REBEL can confirm that the Novum Analytics team have even more groundbreaking stuff planned, though unfortunately we are not at liberty so say more, For now all we can confirm is that Night Terrors will be available in demo form just in time for Hallowe'en. So be prepared for your scariest autumn ever.