The World's Best Spicy Food by Lonely Planet

REBEL Editorial || March 10th

Each dish has sections for "What is it", "Origin", "Finding it", and "Tasting". Naturally an ingredient list is included and instructions for making the dish. Being an excellent colour book photos of the dishes are included.

There is no effort to address "healthy eating" however most spicy dishes tend to be healthier than average. So while this isn't a "healthy" cookbook, it's still pretty good from a health perspective.

The book is indexed. A glossary is also included. The book has two main sections: "Dishes" and "Condiments". The table of contents is excellent with the name of the dish, where is is from and the page to find the recipe.

Perhaps as a drawback you may occasionally find a recipe which calls for something you can't find in your area. For example 'Nduja calls for 'Nduja (a spreadable salami) as an ingredient (of course the book says to find the best 'Nduja you should go to the town of Vibo Valentia on May 8th for the celebration).

I don't think I've ever seen a better designed cookbook. It lays open fairly well (especially for a paperback), both the front and back covers have flaps that can be used to save your place.

Lonely Planet's The World's Best Spicy Food is available to buy now for £9.99