Dorling Kindersley have a well deserved reputation for producing reference books that are beautiful and stimulating. This guide to fifty-three of the World's greatest buildings is no different.

With full colour photographs and cutaway plans throughout, each building is shown clearly, in depth and with a good impression of its overall nature. Each building is pictured completely from a distance whilst something of its history and construction described in the text; each building is then examined in greater detail, in a photographic 'visual tour' which highlights and explains some of the more distinctive or important feature of each building. Those without great knowledge of architecture need not fear - all is explained simply and straight forwardly and in a way designed to help the general reader appreciate what makes each building special.

The buildings illustrated take us from the the earliest civilisations with the Great Pyramid in Egypt (around 2500 BC) to the MAXXI in Italy (built in 2010). Necessarily, this book is not a complete history of architecture, nor does it attempt to be. What it does do is illustrate some of the most iconic and important buildings still standing today. Memories of those that you might have visited are enhanced by being reminded of aspects of them and you might well gain an interest in going to those you haven't.

This is a book that is not only great to read or browse but also one that looks lovely and that you'll probably want to keep on your shelves for a good long time.