BOOK REVIEW - Why Aren't They Shouting?: A Banker's Tale of Change, Computers & Perpetual Crisis : Kevin Rodgers

Kevin Rodgers turned Deutsche Bank into the number one player in the global FX market. For many years Deutsche's FX business was the model for other ambitious banks and one of his bank's main sources of profit.

Given he helped create a multi-billion euro business it wold have been easy for Rodgers to have written a "Celebrity CEO" type book that simply recounted his successes. He has actually written a deeply insightful and honest book about his experiences, the mechanics of capital markets and the need for reform.

In the financial literature there are many great stories of investment banking heroes and villans or triumphs and disaster. There are also a great many useful technical books. "Why Aren't They Shouting?" is seemingly unique because it manages to both explain the mechanics of trading in an accessible way and also make it real, by drawing on his real life experiences.

The final chapter “Das Ende” contains an intelligent analysis of the problems of managing and regulating the highly complex organisations, that banks have evolved into. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not it will certainly make you think about the sector more clearly and challenge your assumptions.

This book is be particularly useful for both those who want a detailed understanding of FX markets or a broader understanding of markets and trading. I would strongly recommend it for anyone working in bank or a regulator, that does not have direct experience of working in the front office.