Rebel Editorial


Seriously enjoyed this. I'm on a bit of a self development drive at the moment and reading as many books like this as I can, but this is one of my favourites by far. Maybe because it's written by a woman specifically for women, but it's just so empowering, and... nice! 

I've made a major shift in my life over the past year, distancing myself from people who bring me down, turning away from bitchiness and gossip and not engaging with haters. Instead I've surrounded myself with positive influences who support and encourage me, inspiring me every day to work harder and be a better me. I can't explain how much happier I am!

This book is geared towards female entrepreneurs or business women, and having been in an industry where women work together and SHARE without competition or judgement for the past year I can tell you that this book is right. We can be so much more when we work together. 

For non-entrepreneurs I do think it still applies though, it offers a lot of ideas on how to treat and be treated, attitudes and mindset, facing fears and being your own inspiration.

Only small criticism from me is the interviews that end each cjapter; they just got a bit repetitive for me. But otherwise I really enjoyed it and I LOVE the message