Sonic Boom Six At The Underground

REBEL Editorial || October 17th

Youthful Stoke five-piece The Lounge Act opened the show at The Underground on Friday night, as the venue was filling up for the inspiring Sonic Boom Six. The alternative band played songs from their debut EP Love From The Lounge Act, as well as some well arranged cover songs too, before slipping into the aptly titled Track Five. So named because, quite simply, it was the fifth track the band wrote together. Guitarist and backing vocalist Cam Degg shows his immense talent as a musician, playing a completely different style to what you may normally expect from him in his other band Chronos. The young band end their strong set with a powerfully emotional instrumental which see's singer Callum Walters take on the third guitar instead of vocals, and with all three guitarists performing with intricacy, the big finale comes through a thrashing bass and drum outro, leaving me sure that this could well be a band to be making the big moves in 2017.

Carrying an element of Frank Turner vocals with some good old fashioned Stokie twang, Only Strangers bring with them a finely tuned and very tight punk rock set, hurling screamingly passionate lyrics at you from start to finish. Intelligent lead guitar work is held firmly in place by structured drum and bass patterns, leaving singer Declan O'Reilly free to make sure you were entertained by his showmanship.

YouYesYou are a band that you won't forget in a hurry once you've seen their outstanding and energetic live set. Front man Christopher Munday's performance skills are, quite frankly, next level; even a technical difficulty is turned into an entertaining addition to the set when Chris is on stage. But he's not simply a good front man, for Chris backs up his stage presence with meaningful and intelligent lyrics which he hurls at you with stunning vocals full of angst. The drum and bass partnership between Jordan Poole and Liam Stride is second to none, a formidable force of a team which is proven by the sheer tightness in the noise they generate, creating the sound that is YouYesYou and completing the three piece act. To say I was gutted to hear that their technical difficulties led to the cutting short of their set would be a desperate understatement, but even that did not stop Munday from entertaining the crowd as he apologised by jumping off the stage to give the audience a very intimate involvement in the finale. Be sure to keep a weather eye on the social media pages of the band as they prepare to announce a few exciting things...

When Sonic Boom Six entered the stage, everyone in The Underground knew exactly of the treat that was in store for them, and they buzzed around the front of the stage in eager anticipation. The crowd was certainly given the show they were hoping for, as the band raced through songs of pure enjoyment such as No Man No Right and Strange Transformation, with every track having within them political meaning in some way, shape or form. Singer Laila Khan makes the fans very aware they they are here to party and spread the love, and they certainly achieve that with their up beat reggae jungle music.

Do What You Wanna Do, featuring some quality sampling from Geno by Dexy's Midnight Runners is a big highlight to the live show, even though it was a track which came very close to not making the final cut for SB6's 2016 album The F-Bomb. Fully entertained by plenty of high standard local music and wowed by the professional, peace and love inspiring live show from Sonic Boom Six, The Underground show once again that they're still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to hosting live music in Staffordshire.