Awir Leon Debut Album Review

Bethan Shuff || October 24th

Awir Leon released his first album Giants on October 14th 2016

Sitting So High was the first glimpse of the album that we got. Leon went minimalistic with this one; simple but punchy beats and slow, spoken vocals. around 2 thirds into the track, the track hits a major turning point, going from relaxing ethereal music to twisted circus vibes. We learned early on that Leon isn’t here to be ordinary.

The second single, entitled Maybe We Land is stunningly intricate and has more of a dance beat to it. The music video is phenomenal. Thought-provoking and a little bit dark; it reminds me of the Rosas Danst Rosas dance piece by Teresa de Keersmaeker in the way it really makes you wonder what’s going on as dancers stumble and spin.

Giants has been made with a purpose, that purpose being to completely captivate your imagination; to provoke ideas and unfamiliar thinking; to promote exploration. The album is made up of 10 totally juxtaposing tracks with Wood heading towards a drum and bass genre, and So Late So Soon being totally stripped back and more relaxing. My only advice to you listening to Giants is: expect the unexpected.