Chasing The Sun Exhibition

Bethan Shuff || October 26th

One thing that Manchester is well-known for is breeding iconic musicians. Oasis are just one of the incredible bands to emerge from the city. That’s why from 14th October-25th October, Manchester was flooded with mods and modettes queuing for the one and only Oasis Exhibition.

The Chasing The Sun Exhibition was a free admission exhibition that showcased rare and iconic photos, artefacts and memorabilia from the bands early days. The first room was walls covered in photos of The Gallagher brothers and Oasis, as well as the iconic Knebworth stage shot. In the centre of the room beneath a glass case was the lyric sheets to some of the bands songs, including Roll With It and Wonderwall.

The main attraction though, was 5 beautiful guitars hanging proudly on the back wall. Noel’s black Rickenbacker 330 (Supersonic single cover), his brown Epiphone Riviera (Definitely Maybe cover), his burgundy Epiphone Riviera (Definitely Maybe tour), his sunburst Gibson Les Paul (Definitely Maybe tour) and finally, the eye catcher: his hand painted Union Jack 60’s Epiphone Sheraton.

The second room was home to a huge Be Here Now album cover with information about the band that could be read whilst listening to the interviews with the band and their associates in the background. Another 2 glass cases filled with ticket stubs, posters and other tour souvenirs created a colourful collage of memories.

In the main room stood cabinets full of gear including the parka that Liam wore at Glastonbury, platinum albums, MTV awards thrown into ottomans, the pool steps and gramophone from the Be Here Now cover, bits of drum kit from Don’t Look Back In Anger and loads of other original pieces.

A selection of Noel’s Adidas Gazelles stood spotlighted in the centre of the room whilst there was madness at the merchandise stand to grab t-shirts, limited edition tobacco tins and deluxe vinyl boxsets. I grabbed myself a classic Oasis – Definitely Maybe t-shirt.

The final, and most loved attraction of the exhibition was a life size replica of Bonehead’s West Didsbury living room with many of the original props, where fans were able to recreate the album cover of Oasis’ 1994 album Definitely Maybe.