Clean Cut Kid

Leah Hamer || November 10th

Clean Cut Kid are a band blitzing their way through 2016 in style. After dominating festival season and thrashing a sell-out-headline tour last month, the Liverpool quartet are back on the road again, this time, with some famous friends. REBEL spoke to their synth maestro, Evelyn Halls, ahead of their first tour date at Victoria Hall, Stoke, tonight with The Courteeners.

‘I’m so excited. We just had a week gap between our tour finishing and this, so we’ve been in the studio and had a little time off, but all the time we’ve been like We just want to get back on tour!’ She laughs in a high pitched voice.  

After a tremendous run of UK dates, ending just last week, this tour will see them revisit a list of cities that are already eager to see them return, as well as some uncharted territory- including Stoke, which they are yet to visit despite having a bunch of best mates local to the area. ‘Everywhere was class, I have great memories from each night. Liverpool was probably our favourite gig ever. It was a packed room with everyone going nuts, we felt so much love. London was great as well. We’ve always been told that London crowds don’t let go but it was the complete opposite, everyone was having a great time. Bristol we had a crowd invasion, on the last song everyone dived on because the stage was quite low down. Our tour manager looked pretty scared! It’s going to be great going back to them all again.’

Over the past few weeks, Clean Cut Kid have felt the well-deserved honour of being the main attraction, ‘When you do headline tours, it’s a totally different feeling because you know everyone is there for you. You don’t have to win anybody over. We could be totally relaxed but it also felt a lot harder. There’s so many more venues, more interviews, people you have to meet after the gig, you’re putting so much into it. So we were pretty knackered!’

However, now they are feeling the pressure of returning to a supporting role with indie icons, The Courteeners, ‘It’s bigger venues so we can relax in one way because there will be more help with loading up and things like that, and bigger stages are easier to set up, but then there’s a lot of pressure because The Courteeners are such a legendary band. We just want to get the crowd totally riled up and ready for a party. So we want to step up…but we’ve done so many gigs and festivals this year, I think we’ve got our practice in.’

Evelyn and her band members, Mike, Saul and Ross, have no reason to worry, however, as they were hand-selected for the tour by Liam Fray, himself. ‘We got asked to do a show with them earlier this year at the Manchester Apollo, which was amazing. Then we found out that Liam absolutely loves the band, we’re one of his favourites. Then when their tour came up, I guess he just requested us. Their fan-base is known for being one of the most loyal, they will sell out in seconds and their fans will wait in the longest queues. To have Liam’s seal of approval is just amazing, and now their fans have embraced us.’

After an incredible year, Clean Cut Kid are saying goodbye to 2016 whilst locked up in the studio, completing their debut album, before planning another busy schedule for 2017. Time to relax, is not on the agenda. ‘For a new band, being unbelievably busy is a sign that things are happening and going good. We feel dead lucky. We want that, bring it on.’

Although tonight’s performance at Victoria Hall, Stoke, with The Courteeners is sold out, you can catch them at several other dates throughout the tour, details of which can be found on their website: