Sleeptalking EP Reviewed

sleeptalking cover.jpg

Matt Awbery || December 16th

Sleeptalking‘s first effort is a lo-fi/emo dream. A project by Bastian Najdek, who has delved in many fantastic features within the D.I.Y punk music across Europe, this record really shows his knowledge sonically of the music he has supported within his involvement with Lost iZine, his band Contrail and clothing brand, Sorry.

sleeptalking profile.jpg

Innocent moments musically co existing with distorted sometimes spoken word vocals (not speaking for the E.P in its entirety) creating a landscape of which you can appreciate every aspect of the instruments recorded. Hazey feedback riddles this e.p with an inspiration so similar to what you would find within noise rock outfit, but then again you can start to label things all day long, it’s all punk at the end of the day, but Bastian has really created something here that in-capsules the sense of natural feeling, just a sheer love and inspiration for sad, dark punk music, something that isn’t merely black and white.

A hugely entertaining listen.