Dave McCabe & The Ramifications

Bethan Shuff || July 2016

'Hi, I use Pantene ProV.' Says a beady eyed Dave McCabe.

'And I use VO7.' Follows Chris Taylor, before Dave then poses the question,

'What do you use?'

I didn’t realise that I was the one being interviewed here, but Dave and his humourous personality prevailed in taking over my job. After a couple of jokes and whiskey's drank, Dave let me commence with finding out about his new project: Dave McCabe and The Ramifications.

The Ramifications are a group of lads that Dave has known for most of his life; he met guitarist Chris Taylor in Music College, for example. Growing closer and discovering similar interests, it was quite a natural progression to form the band in early 2015. ‘I tried to sack Chris once but he just wasn’t having it, and that’s a sign of someone that really wants to be in a band’ Dave laughs as Chris jokes about how difficult Dave is to work with because he’s a pain in the… well… you know. Chris tells me about how working with Dave has helped him to mature, Dave just said it’s made him age. Apparently last year ‘he looked about 12, now he looks about 30’.

Church of Miami is their debut album which was brought out on 4th September 2015. Dave admits that the album hasn’t done very well; it’s definitely not the peak of his song writing, but he tells me that ‘it was always going to be hard coming back after 6 years’. He fears that it hasn’t connected with an audience as large as he’d have liked, but believes that when people know it, they’ll come to love it. Chris says that he’s really proud of the album and of Dave for stepping outside of his comfort zone. The album is worlds apart from anything that Dave created with The Zutons and it’s been a huge turning point in his career. Dave says that the point of creating Church of Miami was to be different; there’s ‘no point coming back with a Zuton’s record that’s not the Zuton’s but sounds a bit like them, it’s a bit crap. [Church of Miami] is just the start of a journey for me’.

Church Of Miami is out now

Church Of Miami is out now

Dave fell out of love with music after The Zuton’s dissolved; sitting on a bus and playing almost every day for 10 years was something that Dave needed to get away from, and his musical break helped him get his mind back. The Ramification’s has made Dave to fall back in love with music; he describes his latest endeavour as ‘exciting, quite raw and quite heavy’; it’s got an 80’s inspired vibe where names like Human League spring to mind.

Dave McCabe and The Ramifications played The Exchange, Stoke back in May for the launch of Sound Savage. Chris and Dave like Stoke for two reasons: 1. because our accents remind them of This Is England and 2. because playing Stoke isn’t playing Liverpool. Playing gigs back home in Liverpool is like playing a gig in your living room; in Stoke they can let go and enjoy playing rather than having ‘your nan and your aunty in the crowd going “That’s our David, isn’t he good’’ but in Liverpool you’ve ‘got to put a show on, have a spread with sausage rolls and stuff’. Despite the distaste for home gigs, the boys return to Liverpool for LIMFestival in July where the likes of The Wombats and Buzzcocks will also be playing.

The Sound Savage launched in May

The Sound Savage launched in May

The Ramifications also have a new EP on the horizon, which could be entitled ‘Cartoon Music’, ‘Do Ya Ma’s Head In Music’ or even ‘White Bread’ – I’ll place my bets on 'Cartoon Music'. In the meantime, Dave wants to pack his calendar full of gigs and festivals to spread the 80’s electronic sound of Dave McCabe and The Ramifications.