Metronomy: Summer 08

REBEL Editorial || July 2016

Metronomy are back and are on the hunt for their second Top Ten album, and have a strong chance with their fifth record Summer 08.

Joseph Mount's Facebook profile in '08

Joseph Mount's Facebook profile in '08

Don't worry, if you weren't too impressed, or at least very much torn on your opinion of their 2014 release Love Letters you'll be relieved to know that we too had to listen to the record many times before we came to realise its singular, heart wrenching beauty. But fear not. Metronomy have returned to their English Riviera high standards with this one. 

Talking their sound in a new direction, the London band have moved swiftly away from the vibes of Love Letters, which fell short of the genius we came to expect from Metronomy. Swapping the Motown psyche mish-mash for funk heavy 80's electronica, served with delightful dish of pop.

Prince-inspired in several, notable places, Summer 08 brings Metronomy rightfully back to their pedestal, and with songs like Hang Me Out To Dry ft Robyn and Night Owls, they've successfully hit the balance between pop and creativity, whilst songs such as Mick Slow and Summer Jam allow for the weird and wonderful Metronomy to show a little. Watch out also for Love's Not An Obstacle; it strangely grabs you and will not let you go.