Musicians Against Homelessness

Nationwide Campaign Has Strong Support From Stoke-on-Trent

REBEL Editorial || September 2nd

Walk along the main strip of Hanley's clubbing scene on a weekend night, around, 10pm, and you'll find yourself amongst not a crowd of youthful clubbers, but rather a group of people sleeping on the streets that night, along with many other nights. Only last weekend I walked down that very strip and found not a single clubber, but instead was met with nine homeless people who asked me for cigarettes and change. It is a problem that seems to be brushed under the carpet in Stoke-on-Trent, and it was a sight that made me feel useless because I have no idea how to prevent people from becoming homeless.

Former Stoke City FC manager Lou Macari opened a shelter earlier this year to provide a place for homeless people to sleep, which has been almost full every night since its launch in February, and it is not yet confirmed that the charity will continue indefinitely. But despite the fact that Mr Macari and many others are doing so much to help the situation, it's clear that homelessness is still very much an issue for many people in Stoke-on-Trent.

Step in the man behind Oasis, Mr Alan McGee, who has launched a nationwide campaign in support of Crisis, the national charity set up to support homeless people. Over 100 gigs will take place across the UK between 18th September and 9th October, with proceeds from all gigs going to Crisis, whilst each and every gig will also provide a platform for up and coming bands and musicians.

With a number of gigs set up in Staffordshire in support of the campaign, REBEL spoke with Sean Dissington, who kicks off proceedings with his Musicians Against Homelessness event at the Pilgrim's Pit, Stoke on Friday 2nd September.

Musicians Against Homelessness is a Crisis initiative aimed at raising funds in time for the Winter period, when the demand for their services, advocacy and advice becomes most pressing. Tonight, We Are All At Home is a small unplugged event on the 2/09/2016 at Pilgrim's Pit in Stoke hoping to raise some money to support MAH.

The first event will be held at Pilgrim's Pit this evening.

The first event will be held at Pilgrim's Pit this evening.

With local talent taking part this event should have a great community feel to it, which is what the organiser Sean Dissington is aiming for. Performing a mix of spoken word and acoustic music are: Ben McDonald Evans, Joe Martin, Noonie Baig, James Purcell, Neil Rawlings, Joe Warrener, Gabriella Gay and Adam Probert in five acts. All funds raised go to the cause for the night, with Pilgrim's Pit offering free use of the space – and support from BottleCraft of Hanley who are on site with a range of their craft beers.

Tonight, We Are All At Home starts at 19:30 and will close at around 22:30, it’s a free entry, pay what you can event at Pilgrim’s Pit, Church Street, Stoke.

Other events in the area for Musicians Against Homelessness include: