Tom Odell Performs Secret Set

Star Gives Intimate Crowd A Night To Remember

REBEL Editorial || August 5th

Right place, right time. Something that I can very rarely associate myself with. But yesterday, whilst on the train to Manchester for a meeting, I received an e-mail offering me the opportunity to see Tom Odell perform a secret set in Manchester's town hall. Needless to say, I snapped up the chance. The one-off show was an invite only event, with entry for the public only being available through winning a competition on Absolute Radio and Key 103.

The event followed the June release of Tom Odell's second album Wrong Crowd, which was met with incredible applause, with  6th album single Concrete receiving the Track Of The Day title on BBC Radio One. The intimate performance last night was a testament to his musical ability, and also his band, who are visibly passionate about each and every song they perform.

tom odell cover.jpg

Set in possibly the most awe-inspired location I have ever witnessed live music, the town hall of Manchester gave a stunning backdrop for Tom Odell's set, with Tom himself commenting that it is 'probably the most beautiful venue in Manchester. Wonderful chandeliers.' Racing through hits such as Another Love, and evidently enjoying every minute of the night, Tom Odell was on fine form in the historically decorated town hall, his energy on stage inspiring, drawing people in without even leaving the seat of his piano, whilst effortlessly singing in his soft yet rugged voice.

The lucky competition winners were given the chance to be part of a crowd of no more than 200, and were given an intimate performance they will surely never forget. This begs the question, if Manchester can host such wonderfully intimate events with highly successful artists, why shouldn't we here in Staffordshire?