The Maccabees Announce Split

Five Piece Will Play Farewell Shows

Leah Hamer || August 8th

Nothing stays forever/Forever I’ve known…These are the lyrics that are circulating in the minds of every fan of The Maccabees on this sombre Monday. They warned us back in 2012 that nothing lasts forever, and with the announcement of their split this morning, there is a sense that all good things must come to an end.

Their official statement has come as a shock to fans everywhere, especially after the enormous success of their last release, Marks to Prove It, last year. However, it is comforting to know that Orlando, Hugo, Felix, Rupert and Sam are parting on good terms, ‘There have not been fallings out and we are grateful to say that we are not leaving the group as a dividing force’.

Everyone has their own personal attachments and stories surrounding bands, and when they split, these tales rise to the surface immediately. All the money you have spent on their albums, all the hours you have dedicated learning their lyrics, all the times you’ve seen them on tour…So I am entirely grateful to be one of those fans with fond memories, after watching them live at last year’s Leeds Festival, when they set the main stage alight on that perfect day.

The Maccabees, to me, represent my adolescence. Their debut album Colour It In was released in 2007, when my pink MP3 player was filling up daily with that glorious era of indie guitar bands. Its songs were a voice for a generation- Toothpaste Kisses was the song that reminded you of your first crush and First Love was the song that reflected your teenage anxieties and worries of the heart. It was this album that produced my favourite Maccabees line, You stood out like a sore thumb/The most beautiful sore thumb I’d ever seen, curtesy of About Your Dress.

It was after this debut that they would pay a second visit to The Sugarmill in 2009, after playing here back in 2006. With support from Hatcham Social, and a set list crammed with their debut anthems, to anyone that attended the evening- I envy you mightily.

Since then they have swapped the cutesy indie-pop for far more darker and thoughtful tracks in their later albums, Wall of Arms (2009), Given to the Wild (2012), and their final record, Marks to Prove It (2015) - arguably the strongest of the bunch. The band spent the decade following their debut, maturing in sound and style with tracks like No Kind Words, Grew Up at Midnight and Pelican. They reinvented themselves as an iconic indie band that has never disappointed.

They have grown from strength to strength, touring across the world with other greats like Bloc Party, Bombay Bicycle Club, headlining festivals like Latitude, and receiving continuous chart successes. The Maccabees have truly made the most out of their time on this earth. With the promise of music from the members in other forms, it is time for a new era in their magnificent careers.