Nova Domination

Credit: Marieke Macklon

Credit: Marieke Macklon

Nova Twins Are A Concept We Recommend You Get Used To

Leah Hamer || September 26th

Meet Amy Love and Georgia South, the two soul siblings that make up Nova Twins- an untameable, force bursting through the East London underground scene. After spending the year perfecting their self-titled debut EP, they are now gaining the recognition they crave and deserve.

Nova Twins is a catalogue of urban genres that would struggle to be placed in merely one category in a CD shop. This comes from the girls’ eclectic taste, from rock to grime to hip hop, and their refusal to convey to the sensibilities of labelling. ‘It’s all natural, we do it without thinking,’ Amy explains, ‘We don’t like to be pigeon holed. We’ve been called all sorts but we just go with whatever. We’re kind of like the big bang theory- we just happened.’

A thousand adjectives can be used to describe each song, all remain as intrinsically unique as the pair themselves. ‘In mainstream music you have one artist that sets the bar, then ten more that follow. I think it’s really important for artists to have their own identity. It’s no use trying to be the next bloody Adele,’ Amy laughs. ‘You should find your own sound and spread your message.’

Their EP has been received with open arms, ‘People have come up to us at gigs and thanked us for it.’ Georgia tells me, bewilderment in her voice. ‘We had it ready in March, so we’ve been getting impatient waiting for its release. We only had one single out for a long time so it’s nice to show people a broader spectrum of our music, so they can understand us a little better.’

EPs are currently Nova Twins preferred method of material, as they are already planning on producing a second one, rather than an album. ‘We definitely want to do an album at some point because it’s nice to have a body of work but albums are getting out of date. You hear of artists refusing to do them because of the way music works now.’ The pair are in agreeance as Amy continues, ‘I don’t know whether EPs just suit us naturally or if it’s just the way times are going. We still love albums but lately they’re coming out of fashion. It’s such a shame but you have to move with the times and live in the moment.’

Nova Twins have been clawing their way through the British music scene this year, leaving audience members in a daze with their energetic performances and colourful styles. 2016 has seen them perform at the prestigious Wonkfest, The Great Escape and Afropunk- an organisation close to their heart. ‘Afropunk have supported us since day one. When we first came out, people didn’t really know how to place us because we don’t fit any conventional moulds. They picked us up and watched us grow.’

Calling themselves ‘twins of the soul’, Georgia and Amy are inseparable, which makes writing and performing together a breeze. ‘When you’ve known someone for a long time, you know what each other is thinking. So in terms of writing and doing photo shoots, you can connect with each other.’ Growing up in East London, they worked the circuit side by side since they were teenagers, sneaking into clubs and hiding in the toilets of venues after gigs together. They spent their nights enjoying the vibrant collection of grime, alternative and reggae nights- tasting the music of the world and finding their own identity.

Along with their sound, their fashion is a vastly important factor in the Nova Twins package. They both design and make their own stage and regular clothing. ‘We wear what we think our music sounds like, if that makes sense?’ They both laugh, ‘It’s another form of expression. You can tell so much about an artist without them having to say anything at all. We love designers but we can’t afford them so one day we thought we’d try it ourselves, and we’re actually quite good at it.’ Another aspect of the Nova empire will one day be a boutique featuring their handmade pieces, ‘…As well as a range of guitar pedals.’

As they hop aboard their UK tour, it seems clear that the bright personalities, intricate sound and memorable styling of these two women makes them destined for big things. ‘In five years time, I’d like to be somewhere we’ve never played before, like Brooklyn, drinking some white rum and orange juice after playing a sick gig.’ Georgia dreams and Amy finishes her thought process, ‘Yeah, in five years we want to have gone around the world with our music and shown everyone what we can do. Then we’ll have the boutique and pedal range, of course. Nova domination.'