The Sherlocks

Sheffield Band Having Outstanding Yet Busy Year

Leah Hamer || September 26th

‘Have you even had one night in yet this year?’

This is my first question for Sheffield indie rockers, The Sherlocks, who are in the midst of their second UK tour of the year. Yes, of the year. ‘We literally do not stop.’ Frontman Kiaran Crook laughs. When they do have one rare night off, it is usually spent binging on Chinese takeaways and catching up on some tele. But after spending so many months on the road, you can guarantee that Kiaran, along with drumming brother Brandon, and siblings Josh (guitar) and Andy Davidson (bass) are slightly behind on their soap storylines.

I was lucky enough to meet the band at the start of 2016 when they performed at The Sugarmill in February. Now, they’re back, sat in the exact same positions on the leather sofa in the dressing room, after having the most surreal few months of their lives. After our last interview, the boys flew off to Texas, for South By Southwest Festival, where they finally got a chance to put their feet up, ‘We stayed at this wealthy family’s guesthouse with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Max relaxing.’

Yet the relaxing didn’t last long as soon as they were hitting up every major festival in the UK and beyond, greeting a full tent with every performance. ‘As a band they’re all the same really, just white tents everywhere but if I was a punter I would go Y Not. Good attitude there, relaxed and well organised.’ Josh tells me.

On the festival trail they rubbed shoulders with everyone from Sean Ryder to Soulja Boy, ‘Yeah we rubbed soulders with Soulja Boy.’ Kiaran laughs. ‘We met Ricky Wilson [The Kaiser Chiefs] and he were hammered. He got up on stage with Rick Witter [Shed Seven] and tried put him on his shoulders.’ Yet the lads were happiest to meet Jake Bugg, when they performed at I-Days Festival in Milan. ‘He’s a nice guy, dead chilled. He’s just being himself, no one can force him to be any different.’

Before visiting Milan in the summer, the boys paid a trip to Paris, and felt for the first time the insanity of gaining international fan-bases. ‘It was so weird going to another country and having people singing your songs and knowing who you are. I don’t think they could understand us, and we certainly couldn’t understand them.’ Bran recalls, ‘We were on the merch table afterwards and they had to mime to us. Instead of saying medium they would write out an M, like sign language.’

The buzz of these gigs has sparked a keen interest in the minds of the band, ‘I think next year we’ll do a European tour…then an American tour is definitely on t’ cards.’

Also on the cards, as thousands will be please to know, is an album. The secretive lads smirk and giggle as I prompt them with endless album related questions. There is no track-list, there is no name, there is no artwork, or recordings…but ‘It is definitely happening, that’s a promise.’ And soon. ‘In the next five years…or ten years…It’s going to be a double album with twenty, no, two hundred tracks.’ They laugh before letting it slip that they will be going into the studio to begin the process as soon as the tour is over.

Yet writing has begun, that’s a certainty. ‘We always just keep writing,’ Bran smiles, ‘That’s the best advice we’ve ever been given- keep writing.’ Kiaran continues, ‘Yeah I just have loads of little notes on my phone, stringing songs together from the phrases people say.’

Despite the demand for the album, The Sherlocks have been wise in the promotion of their singles, leading to an already enormous fandom. ‘Our fans are always waiting for the next single, and coming to see our gigs because we have so many songs that haven’t been released. They search on YouTube for clips of those tracks. So whenever we release a single, we see a massive surge.’

Sherlockmania is becoming more and more apparent, as gigs continue to sell out and fans become more and more adoring. ‘We brought an EP out that had a plain black cover, and this guy got it tattooed on his leg. It’s just a black square on his leg.’ Kiaran grins, ‘Imagine when the album comes out…it’ll be all over his belly.’

Whilst you await the sight of The Sherlocks debut album cover stretched across a grown man’s stomach, you can download their new single, Will You Be There, and why not watch the accompanying music video, too, available to view below.