Air Drawn Dagger Debut EP Reviewed

Ours For The Taking... Theirs For The Breaking

Leah Hamer || September 7th

Faster than a heartbeat you’re propelled into the manic world of Air Drawn Dagger who don’t need longwinded intros and babble to show what their made of in their debut EP Ours For The Taking… Theirs For The Breaking. Twenty seconds into their first track, Ours For The Taking…, we are already engrossed in its chaotic chorus. A mature Paramore vibe filled with quick-paced talkative vocals, grinding guitars, dramatic drumming and a solid helping of angst, the first track introduces you to their style impeccably. After just two and a half minutes of tumbling, speedy grunge- you’re slightly stricken with a bit of motion sickness.

Second number... Theirs For The Breaking is far cleaner and more controlled for the Sheffield foursome. It sucks you in with its gnarly guitar, and kills you off with a lightening solo in the middle eight. At the first the vocals seem samey until frontwoman Maisie Manterfield plays with some reverb. Her tone is alternative and cool in a way that does not require power or epic lungs.

A towering build of oh's and whoa's above a light drumbeat and riff greet you in the final track, The Banshee, but then it has a slightly jagged and awkward fall into the verse and following transition into the chorus. However, once they’ve settled into the bulk of each section - the nasty high-key guitar tingles your veins and the lyrics are poignant and dramatic, especially in the middle eight yet again. Sound of the banshee is whispered in your ear and the fantastical concept of the EP is made apparent. Ours For The Taking…Theirs For The Breaking follows the narrative of four young characters attempting to escape a series of mystical creatures serving an Orwellian government, run by the metaphorical force, The Banshee. A unique notion for a unique band.

Intricate storytelling, breathless deliveries and wicked solos, Ours For The Taking…Theirs For The Breaking is jumpy in places but excellently represents Air Drawn Dagger’s sound and arrival onto the scene.