October 23rd || Leah Hamer

As the dawn of their tour rises, the beastly alternative four-piece, Turbowolf, prepare to unleash a hellish parade of psychedelic funk rock fusion onto the good people of Great Britain. Ahead of their gig at The Sugarmill, Stoke, on the 26th October, REBEL got chatting to their vocal/synth-lord Chris Georgiadis.

                After becoming acquainted with each other back in their birth-town of Bristol in 2008, Turbowolf set on a quest to spread their kaleidoscopic sound all over the world. So touring is a breeze for them now, nearly ten years on. Chris notes that being on the road gives you all of life’s wonders at the same time, ‘Enjoying each other’s company. Meeting people. Eating. Drinking. Laughing. Dancing. All the best things in life.’

                After sharing the road with huge names like Pulled Apart By Horses and Korn, this time round they’re spending it with their close pals, Vodun. ‘We’ve known Chantal and Zel since they were in a band called Invasion (who by the way were also fucking rad). That must be going back at least ten years.’

Also famed for their otherworldly performances, they could not be a better fit for Turbowolf. ‘We’re stoked that Vodun are with us for this run. They’re such an incredible band and a must see live. Total killers.’

A Turbowolf live performance is, in a word, unforgettable. With their chaotic energy and dare devilish fury, the requirement for the audience is fairly simple to Chris, ‘Go mental.’  

As the tour dates coincide with Halloween, with a date falling on Ol' Hallows Eve in London, it had to be asked as to whether anything ghoulish would be occurring on stage this time round. ‘Lianna [Lee-Davies, bassist] is spooky all year round. The rest of us will be doing our best to catch up.’ That has to sound pretty promising.

After the tour, the countdown to their new album will quickly commence, as their third record, The Free Life, is due for release in March next year. After dropping their lead single, of the same name, earlier this month, it’s ‘superb’ reaction has left the band itching to get the album out there. REBEL is told by Chris quite simply to expect, ‘Fucking awesome songs.’

As with their previous work, Turbowolf have based the album on a series of mind-blowing collaborations. ‘Seb from Death From Above is on a song called Cheap Magic, which is totally great. Mike from Royal Blood is on Domino, he kills it. Chantal from Vodun is all over the album. And Joe from Idles is on Capital X, plus he introduces the album. They’re all just friends and we dig their style so we asked if they wanted to do something and something did indeed happen. Many thanks to them. Rad people.’

So after all of this, if you think you still need some persuasion as to why you should buy a ticket for their tour immediately, REBEL asked Chris to sum up how their Sugarmill show will be in a mere three words: ‘Totally fucking alright.’ That’s good enough an answer for us.

Turbowolf perform live at The Sugarmill on Thursday 26th October with Vodun and YOUYESYOU. Tickets are still available from: