Brooders Release Debut Mini Album

Leah Hamer || February 13th

Brooders are a charming, young, three-piece grunge band hailing from Leeds, who on February 10th released their self-titled, debut mini album.

Static white noise and trailing drums kicks off the mini LP, with Thrill Killer, before a grizzly riff appears and Adam Bairstow’s nasty vocals appear. Bairstow see-saws between a classical rock voice and a course, vicious scream throughout. Short and snappy- Thrill Killer is a small taste of the angst to come. Followed by Cling which begins with a plucking bass and distorted vocals. It is a softer example of their abilities, or so you initially think. The muted grunge slowly bubbles into an overflowing chemical eruption.

Say Your Prayers allows Bairstow to take the spotlight, with the quiet verses contrasting against the acidic chorus. Yet it is the staggering solos at the end that leave you breathless. Haze has a funky rhythm and a cool attitude, making it an avid choice for their single release. It has charisma and a righteous appreciation for a guitar line.

Blue Eyed Prince is a welcomed mix up- calming and rhythmic- allowing you to appreciate each individual component of Brooders. Then final track Melancholy somehow manages to incorporate every single element of their former tracks, in one pounding celebration.

Daring, dangerous and dirty in places, whilst tranquil and melodic in others- Brooders have mastered the art of versatility in this debut release.

Brooders will next play live on Friday 24th March at the Brundenell Social Club in Leeds.