INHEAVEN on the Album, The Sugarmill and Getting Gory


August 27th || Leah Hamer

‘Oh my god, the last time we went to Stoke it was one of our favourite gigs!’ The excited voice of INHEAVEN’s James Taylor exclaims, The Sugarmill is an amazing venue!’ After listing a series of other notable cities that the band are excited to perform in once again, I reminded the guitarist and co-vocalist of my local roots and home venue, ‘Put that at the top of the list, we’re the most excited about The Sugarmill, definitely!’

                Their return to the legendary club is caused by their upcoming autumn tour, to celebrate the release of their self-titled debut album. With just days to go before the release on September 1st, I caught up with one-quarter of the bubbling, dream pop sensation, ‘It’s just a big waiting game now, we’re so excited to release it,’ James explains, with ecstatic anticipation riddled in his voice. ‘It’s been such a long process as we formed in 2013, recorded it at the end of 2015 and then went back in to the studio to record some new ones in 2016. So to finally get it out is a relief.’


                Not ones to just sit around twiddling their thumbs, IHEAVEN’s James, Chloe, Jake and Joe have been constantly on the road and writing, ‘We’re kind of 24-7 workaholic band. If we’re not on tour we’re writing, recording, making videos, so there’s not much time in between. As a band you’ve got one shot at this and we want to know that we’ve put 110% into it, no matter what happens in the future.’

                One way they’ve kept themselves busy has been through planning the next record. ‘We work really fast, we’ve already written about one hundred songs, so we want to get this record out and get started with the next. We’re always planning ahead.’

                After forming a huge cult fan-base in the past few years, James is eager to show the world who they are. ‘It’s our flag in the sand, this us right now and how we’ve felt over the last few years. We’re really proud of it and we will always look back on it fondly. It’s us now and as we progress as a band, our sound will change, so it is good to leave a mark.’


                Fans will already be well aware of the band’s daring single releases like The World On Fire and Vultures, yet it is a mid-album track that holds a place in the heart of James. ‘My favourite would be Do You Dream. It’s our most dream pop and I love it. I listen to it with pleasure unlike the other tracks where I can hear how they started and how they were recorded, whereas with Do You Dream it’s got something about it which just makes me forget that. I want to listen to it over and over again.’

                INHEAVEN are band filled with creativity and imagination- the diversity of their individual talents is spread out amongst every aspect of the band, from video production to artwork design. ‘It’s all in house. We hope that’s what makes us stand out from other bands.’ Singer and bassist Chloe Little’s videos certainly give them a unique quality for sure. ‘Chloe is a big fan of weird 70s horror movies which bleeds out in her work- like Treats is based on Carrie and World on Fire is based on a film called The Witch- which is terrifying!’

                Gore is definitely a factor in all of these music videos, which makes it particularly peculiar to film, especially for World On Fire, ‘It was interesting! We were in a field where people kept walking past us, so it was a bit awkward and we were pretty self-conscious when we saw an old lady on a country walk with her dog, and then Chloe was stood there with blood on her hands and I was dressed as a priest holding a harp…it’s definitely our weirdest video!’ James laughs.

                It isn’t all just blood and guts, however, with every track comes a deep message and thought-provoking lyrics. ‘All of our favourite bands growing up had strong messages behind their music and strong visuals along with it. We write about what we believe in and I think a lot of young people are involved in politics, especially now, and that’s a beautiful thing that we want to be a part of.’

After a colossal festival season, a serge in their fan-base and a mind-blowing individuality- INHEAVEN's album is set to be a treat. You can pre-order it here: 

INHEAVEN will perform at The Sugarmill on the 5th October, tickets are available here: