Potters Soup

Music Platform Sounds The Perfect Pitch

Sean Dissington || July 21st


What do you get when you combine 30 odd people, soup and freshly baked bread? A lot of love, that’s what. 
Inspired by the artist-lead regeneration of Detroit, and the way that evenings of sitting down over soup and talking were used to catalyse regeneration through networking and the sharing of best practice Oliver Sherlock pitched his idea of “Potters Soup” at the last Beers and Ideas session and got support from everyone who watched his pitch. The premise was so simple it immediately had us asking why it wasn’t already happening: Folks register to pitch an idea for their project that will in some way benefit the community, through the arts, music, food or culture – supporters of the evening then turn up, pay a fiver and listen to the pitches, voting on the one that meant the most to them. The winner, as Abba once said, takes it all (sorry, that pun wrote itself).

Potters Soup was every bit as wonderful as I hoped it would be; there were three passionate pitches, covering a networking and discovery tool for local music that has regional ambitions, a fantastic project that seeks to educate local people about food and highlight food poverty, and a passionately delivered pitch on a prospective theatre group focussed inclusion of disabled people in acting, music and production. It was the sort of evening where you want all of the projects to win – but of course, that’s not how life works. 

As good as the pitches were (and they were bloody good) the gem for me was the networking. Recently everyone who has been involved in a community group or networking event has spoken of passion, of the ‘fire in the belly’ of those who are talking – that happened again tonight, conversations about planned projects, about who could help who were happening all over the room, to the sound of a community mobilising itself, it was great to see and a joy to be part of. That’s to say nothing of Richard Redwin’s spoken word set, delivered with emotion to set the tone for the start of the evening. 

Ben Nixon's pitch for The Sound Savage was a success

Ben Nixon's pitch for The Sound Savage was a success

Ben Nixon had the winning bid, who pitched his business The Sound Savage. As music platform set up in Stoke-on-Trent, the website provides information on all forms of music in the area. Ranging from an extensive list of bands and musicians, to venues, music stores, and even sound engineers. What The Sound Savage essentially does is provide people with a directory for anything they might need; if you're in a band looking for gigs, The Sound Savage provides you with the contact details of venues and promoters to enable you to make enquiries. Likewise, if a venue is in need of a last minute band, or perhaps a promoter needs a sound engineer for their next gig, The Sound Savage has all the contacts.

If you’ve got an idea that might benefit from a micro-investment, or you’d love to provide feedback, or meet folk who are passionate about Stoke then the next Potters Soup should be in your diary.
There are magical things happening in our city right now, carrot and lentil soup is just the start of it.