Megan Dixon-Hood Announces New Single

With Time Will Be Released 4th November

Bethan Shuff || Friday 14th

Opening with a warm and ambient piano, With Time, the latest track from Megan Dixon-Hood, explores a different side to the musician. Past tracks like Early Morning Riser and A Year From Now completely juxtapose this new, darker work from Megan.

Underneath this skin that I am wearing, it’s only flesh and blood’ Megan’s haunting vocals are completely captivating from the get go. The song is filled with an exploration of dynamics; think Florence Welsh meets Birdy. It’s enchanting, sending shivers down your spine as you pick your jaw up off the floor at her insanely talented vocals.

With Time is a 5 minute long emotional rollercoaster, with compelling drums and spiralling keys, Florence-esque melodies and powerful electric guitars to create a wonderfully ethereal track.