Soul Band Malthouse Return

Bethan Shuff || October 16th

After almost a year out, popular soul band Malthouse have announced their return with the re-released single I’m Your Man.

The slow, romantic track is a silky blues number with smooth vocals and laidback guitar. Kieran Oakes’ soulful 60’s inspired vocals are light and easy-listening; the same can be said for the effortless guitar and mellow drums that float through the love track.

A powerful chorus, featuring backing vocals from the wonderful Emily Law, carries stunning melodies, and leaves the impression that you are sat in a jazz bar in New Orleans on a dark winter's evening, but that's the affect Malthouse can have on you. The lads have infused a modern, almost indie twist on this track with the outro, layering the instruments on top of the vocals for a busy, atmospheric feel that holds a sense of nostalgia.

If Malthouse excel at anything, it's their ability to enthral you with their stunning sense of this nostalgia; almost taking you back in time, not just in their 60’s style, but in making you feel like you’re having déjà vu somehow.. Malthouse are sure to be taking Stoke by storm again and will bring more of their intoxicating, soulful pop to the local scene and, hopefully, beyond.