Arcadia At The Cave

Bethan Shuff || October 17th

The Cave is a brand new venue that has opened up in Leek, below Infinites Night Club. Arcadia with support from Divenire and Alex Webb was the 4th show to have graced its stage.

Alex opened with an acoustic set and a selection of unexpected covers including Estelle – American Boy, Britney Spears – Baby, One More Time , The Strokes – Reptilia and Bob Marley – Redemption Song. You might question how a young lad can cover such a variety of styles? The answer is that he completely owned every single one of them. His deep, mature voice conquered every track with ease as he transformed pop into grungy rock. Despite the small crowd of 15 people, which included 2 bands, bar staff and a couple of mates, everyone was singing along to the feel-good music and enjoying Alex’s set which finished on a brilliant rendition of You Know I’m No Good, by Amy Winehouse.

Taking the main support slot was the freshly rebranded Divenire (formerly known as Dom Morgan, however with new drummer, Charlie and bassist, Steve). The new line up is actually the old line up; this is the bands high school set up, Josh tells me. Influences of Ed Sheeran and Jamie T shone through in the set through tracks like Addicted and Hold On, but the highlight was definitely the sneak peak at their new single, Caravan. The boys had recorded the track the previous day with Sam Bloor at Lower Lane. Caravan really has an edge to it, it has something that the lads other tracks don’t. I can’t wait to hear the recorded version.

By the time Arcadia headed onto the stage, they were facing an intimate crowd, but the Stoke band performed as if they’d crammed the room to the rafters. Drummer James Whitehurst says ‘playing to 3 people or 3,000 people, I don’t care’; and that is exactly the right attitude to have, and that guy drummed with the utmost passion and pride. The lads expended every last bit of energy into their set, complete with their newly purchased smoke machine and new line up. Seb Clarke, who previously played bass for the band has stepped up to the role of frontman as the boys welcomed Josh Holmes into the band on bass.

A heavy, chaotic set from start to finish included their original tracks Transparency, Illusion, ’95 and Waste, and even bravely covering The Wytches' Gravedweller, and absolutely nailing it. Watching Jake Ferchal and Seb bounce off each other and throwing themselves around the stage whilst shredding their guitars, I’m surprised that any strings were left intact. Josh had learned all of the bass lines in just two rehearsal sessions with the lads and yet still executed them amazingly considering how much there was to learn. Arcadia finished their set with ’95, a massive track with a million drops thrown in just so that they can trash about just a little longer.