Nixon Tate & The Honey Club To Release Fifth Single Of 2016

Bethan Shuff || October 19th

Nixon Tate and The Honey Club are really going for it this year. In just 7 months, we’ve been graced with 4 gorgeous singles, now joined by a 5th: Wolf and Crane.

Their previous release, Honeytrap, was rocky and mysterious. Wolf and Crane has taken a completely different approach and lends itself to a more folky, jovial sound – NTHC are not a one trick pony.

I previously likened Tate to Bon Iver and Father John Misty’s love child, and Istrongly stand by that. He has the ability to create a personal music video in your head as his deep, rustic voice sings narrative lyrics. Whilst the lyrics themselves appear quite dark, the bouncy country guitar creates a summery, festival kind-of vibe to which I envisage people having a good old dance to and clunking beer tankards.

Wolf and Crane is the 5th of 6 songs that NTHC will be releasing this year, which means we still have one more to look forward to before 2016 is over.