Stu Whiston - The Ones

Leah Hamer || October 22nd

Described as a ‘hymn to the underdog’, the latest single from local lad Stu Whiston, The Ones, is four minutes of bopping, empowering indie holding hands with Britpop.

It begins with a light, uplifting riff, that sends waves of positive beats circling through your body until your head nods and foot taps. This is only intensified further as the verse kicks in with the silky vocals of Stu and his proud accompanying lyrics.

A working-class power to the people anthem, You won’t’ touch us because we’re higher than the sun…We are the ones…, it is a near cross between a motivational speech and a cheesy indie nightclub banger. It has the same emotional drive as classic Oasis tracks, its lyrics are meant to be belted out in unity in the same manner as Whatever. Stu even has the Gallagher twang when he sings shine, which is hard to consciously escape.

Recorded at The Big Red Studios in Macclesfield, alongside New Order’s Jake Evans and the producing hands of Gethin Pearson [The Enemy, Jaws], the track is sublimely polished, as to be expected from a perfectionist like Stu.

An ode to Britpop legends and an anthem for the ordinary folk, The Ones, is Stu’s finest work to date.

You can hear The Ones live when Stu Whiston headlines The Underground on Friday 11th November.