New Local Band Voiletide Release Debut

Lee Barber || October 21st

Sound Casino made their mark in Stoke-on-Trent with the edgy Metropolis EP in 2013, and even then there were subtle glimmers of a more 80's synthy style. Today marks the release of The Cave, the debut single from Stoke's newest band Violetide, consisting of a few familiar faces from the Sound Casino days, and there is certainly new sound to go with the new set up.

The introduction to The Cave carries a sound that might fit rather well in the sound track to Drive, possibly due to the brothers Williams' while the drums are reminiscent of the atmospheric (and ever aptly named) Atmosphere by Joy Division. Singer Rob Williams has clearly matured vastly in not only his lyrics but in his creating of melody also.

The chorus is very well written and is catchy enough to wriggle its way into your head without being annoying or cheesy, while the ending to the track is a one of intrigue and keeps you listening to the very end.

While Chris Williams has already had a busy 2016 with drumming in his other band We Few, he's clearly still rooted to the partnership with his brother after years of performing and writing together. And their experience has clear played its part in the design of Violetide; The Cave has been written, recorded, and executed to great effect and no doubt it will be a joy to witness Stoke's new indie band live.