The Underground Plays Host To Yet Another Indie Belter

Credit: Tony Woolliscroft

Credit: Tony Woolliscroft

We Few Launch New Single Morse Factory

Bethan Shuff || Leah Hamer || October 5th

The newly named Divenire were the first to kick off proceedings on Saturday night at The Underground. Armed with their new bassist, Steven James, they performed a solid set filled with catchy indie boppers and energetic sing-along softies. After a complete rebrand over the past few weeks, it seems the four youngsters have matured overnight. The new line up is the replica of an original high school band that they had several years ago, so it is fitting to see them reunited and settled back into business.

Filth entered the stage and lived up to their name. Dirty riffs and fire in their hearts, the young lads performed their first gig. 4 original tracks with brilliant lead guitar, and the classic Sunshine Of Your Love thrown into the mix, the lads entertained the hearty crowd with their Muse-esque tracks and frontman Joe dancing and interacting with the audience.

The main support act was 4 local boys no strangers to Stoke’s stages; who always go all-out whether it be on stage or in fancy dress. Everyone is a Thieves Asylum fan, even if you don’t know it yet. Even in a half hour set, TA cram in belter after belter with tracks like Roger Bones and IKYKIK, each one holding energy and excitement in their rocky riffs and James’s intricate bass lines. For me, IKYKIK has been one of the catchiest songs to come out of Stoke this year, and the crowd of new, and familiar just can’t help but sing the words that roll off the tongue so smoothly I know you know, I know. Thieves Asylum also debuted a new track called Top Hat Rider, Alex plays a The Automatic inspired lead to crashing cymbals and Joe Tomasso’s ever enthusiastic voice. We’ve been told a little secret that another new track may be on the cards next week during their set at The Exchange for Rebel Bear’s Musicians Against Homelessness gig. If it’s as good as Top Hat Rider, you’re in for a treat.

We Few are one of those rare bands that barely need to lift a finger to impress a crowd. They waltz on stage with their beards and quiffs, pick up their guitars and suck the audience into their rock vortex. Tracks like Short Fuse, Die and Let Live, and Twelve Years all shake the building, but undoubtedly their latest single, Morse Factory is the showstopper. The alluring gravel in Tom Machin’s voice against the grinding guitars and intense drums makes for an impressive track. I looked down for a moment and Tom had jumped down from the stage and was mixing with the fans below, he is a commanding frontman, filled with the same high-voltage energy shared by every other band member. We Few are a natural force that cannot falter, and I can’t wait to see how they plan on topping Saturday night.