Live Streamed Show To Bring Local Music To Your Doorstep

The Honey Box Will Feature Live Acts Every Month

REBEL Editorial || October 7th


Though some may not even know it, PH Productions has played a major part in the city's culture in recent times. Having been involved in many events, teaming up with organisations such as Appetite, Peter Herbert and Russell Coppock are now teaming up with the guys behind the Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire to bring a brand new live music experience to the area, an an online live streamed show called the Honey Box.

The Honey Box will be streamed once a month, and will host three acts on every show. Each act will perform live and be given the chance to showcase their music in front of an intimate crowd, whilst also being interviewed by the shows two presenters, Leah Hamer and Benedict McManus. Leah Hamer told of her excitement to be involved in the show.

"I really can't wait to present the Honey Box. The local music scene has taken such a huge step forward this year on so many levels, and hopefully the Honey Box will be yet another addition to its progression."

The Honey Box came about through Peter and Russell attending the Music Awards of Staffordshire & Cheshire, which was put together by Lee Barber. After the awards night, the pair decided they wanted to get involved, and arranged a meeting with Lee.

"I didn't even know Pete or Russ were at the awards, I didn't actually know who they were at that point. But we met up a few days after the awards night and we just started bouncing ideas of each other straight away. I mentioned how I would love to bring something along the lines of the Jools Holland Show to Stoke and they pretty much agreed to being part of it immediately. Pete and Russ are amazing, we saw what they can do at Lymelight Festival when they filmed and streamed live acts throughout the weekend. The Honey Box will be something similar but will have a more intimate feel to it, and will also have a set programme that the audience can enjoy."

The Honey Box will be streamed live from King Street Studios, and the first show will be on Sunday 6th November, where The King's Pistol will take to the stage along with two other acts which the Honey Box will be announcing in the coming weeks.

A very small amount of tickets will be on sale soon for the first show, keep up to date with the Honey Box via the details below.