ONYDA - No Answers

onyda cover.jpg

Lee Barber || November 13th

An eerie, chilled introduction carries echoes of Portishead's Glory Box with a delicate modern twist, leading almost instantly into Onyda's vocals which, from the very first note, have you hooked.

No Answers is the sublime debut single from Onyda, the intelligent and highly talented Kidsgrove based musician who labels her music as dreamy, dusty, soulful pop. And you can't really disagree with that description after listening to No Answers. With tints of London Grammar blossoming through the track, Onyda's voice really is something special.

onyda profile.jpg

After starting out as a spritely singer songwriter playing a ukulele, Onyda has undergone a complete transformation, and I dare even say that the caterpillar has now become the sophisticated, thoughtful butterfly that it always had the potential to be. Just as BBC Introducing From Stoke's Rob Adcock rightly said as he joyed in playing the track for the first time on last night's show, Onyda has certainly changed tact, and if No Answers is anything to go by then we're in for a treat with the EP.

So many inspirations are dashed across the canvas that is No Answers that it is hard to pinpoint any particular one, which in itself is testament to Onyda's songwriting abilities, but it has to be said that the track is one of originality, brilliantly produced, dark and enchanting in its style, intriguing in its lyrics which are perfectly executed by Onyda. Hopefully this is the start of something truly special for yet another fantastic musician in Staffordshire.