Rage Cage Debut EP Reviewed

Bethan Shuff || November 15th

Stoke rock trio, Rage Cave, released their self-titled debut EP earlier this week.

Opening with a dry bass line and dropping straight in with a fast tempo riff with juxtaposing stompy drums. Rage Cave are not afraid to step outside of the comfort zone as they explore different beats and tempos within their first track Stop/Go. The music has a stop/start kind of beat to it with its different sections as the track showcases the musical talents of these 3 young lads.

Mastodon allows us to properly appreciate the vocals of frontman Maxwell Jeffries as he sings in a 90’s rock style, like Kurt Cobain meets Brian Molko, over distorted guitars. Track 3, Devil’s Advocate, has more of a Fall Out Boy inspired tone, with a slower pace and clever lyrics.

rage cave profile.jpg

Secular Sabbath is a shocker as Max sings almost acapella with only faint marching drums. His deep, powerful vocals carry the track right the way through with snippets of snare and cymbals all the way through until some funky guitar licks fade into feedback.

The fifth and final track on the EP is entitled The Reaper. The opening riff has a Smell’s Like Teen Spirit vibe about it with the strumming pattern and chord changes. The words ‘I am the reaper’ are haunting throughout the song as dark interludes allow you to dwell on the lyrics.

Rage Cave’s 5-track EP is available on Soundcloud and BandCamp. Keep an eye out on the local scene in 2017 for their gigs.