Chris J. Venables EP Reviewed


Leah Hamer || November 16th

Sometimes I wonder when the Tasker family actually sleep. Whether they are out working in their day-time jobs, kicking-ass on stage and in the recording studio with The Taskers or Don’t Call Me Ishmael, or producing hits with their independent record label, DROMA, sleep does not appear to fit in anywhere.

The latest project to be backed by DROMA, is Home To Me, the debut EP from Stafford-born, Chris J. Venables. Although he has years of experience behind him, this is Chris’s first physical collection of work, after he has spent most of his time on this earth peace-keeping and working for charities.

The EP kicks off with Love You Freely, a warm and inviting welcome into Chris’s soulful world. A simple acoustic stands below his silky voice, before the gradual accompaniment of the electrics sneak in. The surprise of Sophie Bret Tasker’s vocal on the second verse is received amiably; she adds a depth and a further romanticism to the already heart-warming track. Their harmonies together bring the track to an endearing end.

Hold Onto This has the same peaceful quality, yet it is less dynamic, and more easy-listening. It would be suited to a cold winter’s night, curled up by the fire with a good book in your hands. Alone Together comes next bringing back some spring. A faster pace makes it quirkier and adds a little fire into the mix. The electric guitar of Jack Tasker gives it a bluesy feel at times, giving the EP a required sense of variety.

droma records cover.png

Chris ends his EP with a cover of The Old Churchyard, a traditional, American folk song. A little re-start at the beginning reminds the listener of how naturally this EP was recorded- all four tracks were produced in roughly five hours, on one day back in August at DROMA’s Stafford headquarters. Again joined by Sophie’s harmonies, alongside Don’t Call Me Ishmael’s Gary Wilcox, The Old Churchyard is well thought-out and gentle morphing of traditional and contemporary styles.

Homely and authentic, Home To Me is a hearty and lovingly-crafted EP, built by the foundations of several talented artists, coming together to make honest music.

Home To Me will be officially released on Friday 18th November for a ‘pay-as-you-like’ download but you can pre-order it now from: