Bonsai - Funky Brown Single Review

chris hough topless.jpg

Bethan Shuff || November 6th

After Bonsai frontman, Chris Hough, celebrated his birthday in style with a Sugarmill headliner to remember, the band have finally released their long-awaited single Funky Brown.

Opening up with a funk-inspired guitar, Funky Brown is exactly as advertised – bloody funky.

Chris’ cheeky ladies-man persona forms the majority of the track. His hoarse voice and candid lyrics sing about girls and the antics of a night out whilst a smooth bassline compliments the overdriven lead riff and intricate licks.

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A contagious rhythm fuels the song, it’s impossible not to want to dance. If you missed Bonsai’s headline in September, you’ll have also missed Chris’ outrageous dancing when they dropped Funky Brown into the set list.

Bonsai don’t do conventional, or subtle, finishing the track with a racing build-up ‘are we, are we, are we’ followed by Chris nonchalantly: ’are we gonna fu*k or what?’ And no, that word isn’t ‘funk’.

Funky Brown is funking brilliant – enough said. You can catch Chris’ dancing at Bonsai’s headline at The Exchange on the 18th November.

party time with bonsai ep poster.jpg