Don't Call Me Ishmael New Single Reviewed

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The Provincial Athlete Throws A Race Out Friday 11th November

eah Hamer || November 7th

Don’t Call Me Ishmael never do things in small measures. Big characters, dozens of instruments and long names all can be found with their latest single, The Provincial Athlete Throws A Race.

The sweet tangs of a ukulele and the hum of guitar collide into the heavy riffs of the extraordinary Jack Tasker. A beaming, bopping groove appears with the introduction of the electronics, before toning down to make room for the vocals of Gary Wilcox. Finding his role as the narrator, he guides you through a lyrical story with each verse like the chapters of a novella, building a believable empathy before the chorus.

Don’t make me do this is sung repeatedly with anguish and pain seeping through Gary’s timeless voice, which is joined by the echoing harmonies of the stunning Sophie Bret Tasker. All of this is occurring above the bubbling bass of Rob Haubus, leading you up to the explosive, contemporary twist of synth and keys from Jack.

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The triumphant brass of Anthony Vukic’s trumpet is filtered throughout, adding a scenic and dramatic overture, befitting for the climactic scene of a film. With the towering, defiant guitars and the crescendos of Matt Plant’s viola and Sarah Pickwell’s cello, the track has the empowering effect of a full orchestra.

Produced by Jack Tasker and mixed and mastered at Universal Thrift Club by Tom Bath, The Provincial Athlete Throws A Race is a unique marriage of traditional and modern instruments, with inescapable emotion and a racing rhythm (pun intended).