Déjà Vega - Friends In High Places Reviewed

deja vega.jpg

Matt Awbery || December 10th

After various successful relationships blossoming in 2016 with Stoke's music scene, including the likes of Psyence and The Situation, Winsford based Déjà Vega have certainly found a fan in Plastic band member Matt Awbery...

deja vega 2.jpg

I have been a fan of this band for some time, and this song confirms what I think every time they release something, they are an absolute powerhouse! A driving tribute to post-punk, with Thurston Moore like melodies and a consistency within the rhythm section that make most bands efforts look laughable, this band are not a band to simmer down to.

Think of Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen & Sonic Youth and a band actually getting away with screaming those influences then you get this track.

Catch Déjà Vega live at The Castle Hotel in Manchester on Sunday 18th December.