Rinse - With You

rinse NOT blue.jpg

Leah Hamer || December 22nd

Jaws. Genghar. DMA’s. RINSE have well and truly battered the gigging circle throughout 2016, supporting the crème de la crème of modern indie, and appearing in renowned venues and festivals all over the country. Yet for the past few months, the digital world has been severely lacking their groovy, indie-rock sound. Since their last single, Taser Party, was released in April, our speakers and earphones have been craving some RINSE magic. And now it has arrived.

With You is a stunning example of what high-quality tracks this four-piece can produce. A blurry synth hums before their distorted guitars charge in. The raspy vocals of Josh Hollingworth sing over a high, entrancing riff. The track is a push-pull mechanism, with a quiet, dreamy verse contrasting against the powerful, guitar heavy chorus.

The accompanying video consists of misty green and red lights, and psychedelic smoke and flares, inducing you into a whirling sense of hypnosis. It gives you the perfect visual representation of the song.

Clean and precise, as always with RINSE, With You is without flaw.

With You is out now.