John Dhali- Only One

Leah Hamer || December 28th

John Dhali is an infectious soul who unleashes pure pleasure onto every listener. He is a momentary cure for all forms of unhappiness. If you are in need of a four minute boost to get you through the day, the doctor prescribes his new single, Only One.

Bouncing, endearing, and utterly heart-warming, Only One, is a natural antioxidant that clears your body of toxic thoughts and anxieties. His soulful voice is accompanied by clapping, dashing symbols, triumphant trumpets and his trusty acoustic guitar- all the ingredients required to raise your spirits.

Cause I’m the only one that’s ever been me….there’s something deep inside saying I’m free- the lyrics remind us all about the beauty of life and cherishing every moment granted to you- which John follows wholeheartedly.

The joy of Only One is magnified by its glorious music video. It features a solo John sporting a yellow t-shirt and a pair of headphones, in a crowded Manchester Piccadilly Station, dancing and singing along to the track. Passer-by’s stare at him with confused expressions and chuckles, as John wiggles and shakes in front of the commuters. Brilliantly executed and bloody brave. Hats off to you Mr Dhali.

Only One is available now to download for free from-