New Stoke Band Faraday Release Debut

faraday cover.jpg

Leah Hamer || December 4th

As to be expected from a Dooley brother, the hype around Stoke’s latest rock n roll three-piece, Faraday, has been building for months. Made up of All The Young’s former frontman, Ryan Dooley, alongside Mike Davies and Kieran Matthews, Faraday burst onto the scene on the 1st December, kicking off the advent with their debut single, Better In The Know.

Now, to any fans of Ryan’s solo work, during his intermission in-between All The Young and Faraday, Better In The Know, may feel particularly familiar, as it frequently accompanied his acoustic set-lists. However, with Mike and Kieran joining forces, the song has been reimagined as an indie-sing-along-anthem.

faraday profile.jpg

Mixed and mastered by the magic fingers of Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios, the track has been polished with the upmost professionalism that comes from a man like Sam, and artists as experienced as the boys.

Confident, striking vocals, easy-going melodies and empowering, catchy lyrics make it a people-pleaser instantly. I shoot you down with laughter- laughing in the face of adversity- this is a song with a moral. The track is nostalgic, a nod to the 90s, suitably complimented by art-work in the style of football stickers, by Sian Matthews.

Better In The Know has rocketed Faraday onto the scene already. It is clear they are going to be a popular choice with the Stoke crowd in 2017.