Puppet Rebellion New Single Review

puppet rebellion cover.jpg

Bethan Shuff || December 5th

The Pact is the new upbeat track from Manchester-based Puppet Rebellion.

The uplifting riff would lead you to believe that this was a light-hearted song, but there is much more meaning to it than meets the eye.

The stories behind the majority of Puppet Rebellion's tracks are quite dark; this is no different for The Pact, which is in fact, a suicide pact. The video, shot by Matthew Boone, depicts the narrative lyrics using budding actor Anthony Wallace and Boone’s girlfriend, Tara O’Donnell to tell the story. It’s a really beautifully shot video that flits between the story and shots of Puppet Rebellion energetically playing the electric, almost psychedelic track.

The Pact jumps straight in with synthy sounds and the light tsst of the hihat before Oliver’s smooth vocals begin to sing the chorus. The subtle differentiations in his pronunciation of words like ‘souls’ sound stunning within the track.

puppet rebellion profile.jpg

A chorus fuelled by powerful lyrics and Paul’s lead riff is atmospheric and The Pact builds and builds the whole way through, getting bigger and bigger as the drums get more intricate and the Jim’s bass becomes more powerful.

The harrowing breakdown enchants and hypnotises before we are snapped straight back out of it with the catchy hook of the chorus and the rhythmic guitars explode for a final time before sinking away into silence.

Puppet Rebellion are now working on an album to be released next year in association with Scruff Of The Neck Records, recording at Magic Garden Studios with Gavin Monaghan who has worked with the likes of The Twang, Editors and Ocean Colour Scene. If The Pact is anything to go by, the album is going to be an incredibly promising tool for the band to capture an ever-growing fan-base.