SaltWounds Review

saltwounds cover.jpg

Matt Awbery || December 6th

Worcester four piece, alternative rock band open their debut E.P with ‘Pressures’ highlighting piece of mind lyrically, in remembrance of sadder tones which is consistent through the E.P. Following this is ‘Poor Life Choices’ which if you took the vocals away, would be reminiscent almost of a sadder sounding Rise Against, which in itself is something I applaud this band for since discovering them after hearing ‘Weak Days’, the band's debut single.

saltwounds profile.jpg

the third track on this record which I think sets them apart from most bands taking part in the 90’s revivalist culture, taking influences from bolder bands than merely the emo bands we have seen all around us for so long that are maybe not ‘trendy’ but show a love for their craft more so in their song writing which I believe holds more promising futures for bands in general. This sets us up for two slower paced tracks that give this e.p a variation in its body of work with out taking away from its sheer banger filled qualities.

If you are a fan of the likes of Thursday, Brand New & Rise Against you will love this band.