The Overcast Return With A Bang

overcast cover.jpg

Lee Barber || December 9th

It is with an energetic guitar riff and clapping that finally sees The Overcast back on the scene. After struggling for some time to put the band back to full force after losing band members, the Stoke rock four piece are certainly back with a bang, with those uniquely soft yet powerful vocals from Jim Carter echoing vibrance through your mind throughout the track.

Misery Loves Company has the bold rock anthem sound many had grown to treasure dearly through Jim's former band Paper Tigers, but here we have something new, something different, something edgy. With clashing vocals in perfect harmony, and some intricate guitar and bass work over tight drumming, it's easy to see why these guys are so popular.

overcast profile.jpg

There is no doubt this track was recorded at Lower Lane Studios, ran by extremely talented producer Sam Bloor, who has built up quite the reputation this year. So much so that he's already finding himself booked up well into 2017, but the talented musician also plays bass for The Overcast, which clearly proves essential for the bands crisp, clean sound in the recording of Misery Loves Company.

Here's to a prosperous 2017 for a band awaiting the reputation they have been working hard behind the scenes to earn, and this single proves they have more than have what it takes to take next year by storm.