Delamere Announce Album Details

Leah Hamer || July 2016

Leek based band Delamere today announce their debut album. Self-titled Delamere will be released on Friday 19th August through Scruff Of The Neck Records, on a night when the band perform at All Saints Church in their hometown of Leek. The news comes on the back of a hugely successful tour, which saw the band perform in Ibiza, and their beloved Staffordshire. I had the honour of speaking with the band about the experience.

The name resonates with every soul in Stoke’s music scene immediately. If you do not know them, you do not know the first thing about local music, for they are the first thing.

James Fitchford, Ashley Eggerton, Richard Dawson and Will Mason are the men behind the name and I had the pleasure of catching up with them after their return from the road.

The boys are settling back into normality after finishing the final leg of their Kill It Tour which led them all over the place. From experiencing cities such as Glasgow and Brighton for the first time, sampling different venues and looking at a different skyline every night, to performing at world renowned venues in Ibiza and all three stages at Dot to Dot Festival. Ibiza saw them perform at the Hard Rock Hotel and mix amongst huge names in the Ibiza music scene whilst filming scenes for their new music video over there, and getting themselves a tan at the same time.

Whilst meeting hundreds of new people day in and day out across the tour, a few faces from home managed to sneak their way in as well. In Ibiza the booking agent and Pacha promoter was born and bred in Stoke, ‘He had lots of crazy stories and instilled some nuggets of wisdom for our future. He’s now a big fan!’ Then home grown indie kids Rinse joined the boys at Dot to Dot and they flew the Staffordshire flag proudly together.

This year I attended Dot to Dot Festival in Manchester as a paying customer rather than a reviewer for the day. That evening I stood in a Methodist Church on Oldham Street, awaiting The Temper Trap. Ten minutes into their set I found myself clock watching, wishing they would just hurry up and play Sweet Disposition so I could catch Delamere in time, despite the fact that I had already seen them perform a week earlier. Five minutes later, I found myself elbowing my way through Temper Trap fans and running through random streets in the Northern Quarter, completely lost. Until I spied the glowing logo of Delamere on some cases at the back doors of Texture. If I have physically broken a sweat to see a band play- then it says a great deal. And they did not let me down, as they never have.

The lads describe Manchester as their second home, so playing there always gets them the crowd that they deserve. Yet other cities treat them just as well, it was their gig at The Frog & Parrot in Sheffield gave them their first ever encore. But their performances in Stoke are always eagerly anticipated, ‘It will always have a special place in our hearts with being our home town. The last show at The Exchange was very memorable with such a big crowd. It's something we all look forward to, it's nice to catch up with bands, friends and family we haven't seen for a while and who struggle to travel further afield to see us play.’

After signing with Scruff of the Neck Records, the foursome have found themselves balancing a life based in both Stoke and Manchester, two scenes which differ quite greatly in the eyes of the band. ‘One of the key differences is the size of Manchester and the number of venues it offers, the Northern Quarter being a particular hub for indie music. But one thing Stoke has, that Manchester doesn't, is the sheer number of good local bands based in the city. Manchester has its fair share, don't get me wrong, but a lot of the established bands who play in the area aren't necessarily from Manchester.’

Stoke, Manchester, Ibiza, it doesn’t really matter where James, Ash, Rich and Will are- success follows them with every footstep. Although the tour has come to an end, Delamere are not subjecting themselves to much relaxation, as they are already planning the next tour, which will support the release of their debut album. ‘There’s a lot of little buzz nuggets we have planned both for this year and next. A lot is going on. Just keep checking in on our Facebook page to see what's happening.’

Delamere. Album. Tour. These words combined should spur some pretty extreme levels of excitement within us all.

Delamere will be performing at Tramlines Festival, Sheffield in July as well as a handful of other festivals and gigs that are yet to be disclosed- so keep an eye out on their links.